December 04, 2017 15:21
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Are you a winner? Do you love photography? Do you have it in you to take on a challenge like no other?  Boy, have we got news for you!


Introducing our new and exclusive photoduels photography game.  Also available on our iOS and Android apps.

What is photoduels?

Photoduels is not your average photography competition. Think bigger, think out of the box!  Photoduels is an innovative new way that allows coinaphoto photographers to earn money from their photos.

How it works is super simple.  Click on ‘Duels’ in the top navigation bar to visit the ‘photoduel arena

  1. Click ‘Begin a Duel’ and choose one of your photos
  2. Choose a one of the photos matched from other users to duel against
  3. The select the amount of tokens you want to win.
  4. Each photo is then voted on by users of coinaphoto, the photo with the most votes after a week takes home all the tokens!


This short video explains photoduels and will get you winning tokens in no time


Just in case you have a few more questions:

How do I start a photoduel?

Easy, there are two ways.   You can either ‘Start a photo duel’ with a photo and photographer of your choice and challenge them to fight a duel against you. Or you can enter a ‘Quick Duel’ where we will automatically present a match so you can get dueling in 1 click.

What’s at stake?

When you are about to start a duel, you set a number of tokens as the prize of the duel, which will be reserved from your account.  So for example, if I set a prize of 1 token and my photoduel is accepted, then 1 token is reserved from both mine and the opponents account.  The winner will win 2 tokens (their original token plus one from the opponent).

What do I do if I receive a duel invitation?

When a photographer challenges you in a photo duel against them, you will receive an email from coinaphoto notifying you of this. Click the link in the email to accept the duel. You can also check your pending, active and sent duels on the duels arena to monitor their progress.

What if I don’t want to participate?

No worries! You can still enjoy the photoduel arena and keep the spirit of competition going by casting your vote on other users photoduels.  It’s a great way to discover new photos.

Feeling competitive yet? Ready, set, go! Challenge an opponent to a photo duel now and reveal your competitive side!

Photoduels is more fun on mobile

Turn that commute to work into a journey of photographic discovery! Download our iOS or Android app to compete and vote on photoduels while on the go.  If you have not downloaded our app yet, do so today and earn a free token (limited time offer!), perfect for starting your first photoduel!



EXPLOREARENAFeatured Image by Eric T’Kindt

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Jelena Aranđelović
March 28, 2018 21:24
Hello Coinaphoto team, What happens if person that I have challenged on photoduel does not accept the duel. Do I get my coin back? Thanks

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