July 12, 2019 14:32

For almost 5 years we had a chance to see many incredible, inspirative and amazing photos from all over the world!

This platform had that privilege to promote truly devoted photographers and support their work.

As the platform is going on a break, we would like to, once again, reflect on the most impressive images that were rewarded in our photo contests.

Thank you all for the heartfully engagement and splendid photography you gave us.

Winner of the “Earth Day” Photo Contest

“We coexist with the volcano” by Kriswanto Ginting 

We coexist with the volcano

Winner of the “Traveling with my Android” Photo Contest

“Winter by the sea in Spain” by Cristian Tanase

Winter by the sea in Spain

Winner of the “Faces” Photo Contest

“Dani’s next-generation” by Simon Satria

Dani's Next Generation

Winner of “Camera Battles: Nikon Versus Canon” Photo Contest

“Embankment” by Alexandr Filipenko


Winner of “Happiness and Sadness” Photo Contest

“Happy Couple In Love” by Dmitrii Volkov

happy couple in love

Winner of “Spring Vibes” Photo Contest

“Bees Pollination” by Jose Luis Mendez Fernandez

bees polinization (1)

Winner of “Portraits” Photo Contests

“Red hair” by Kej Ty

Red hair

Winner of “Great Outdoors” Photo Contest

“Tbilisi” by Nodar Chernishev

Tbilisi (1)

Winner of “Colours” Photo Contest

“Colors of Life” by Devesh V Tripathi

Colors of Life

Winner of “Winter” Photo Contest

“Winter chalet” by Pali Előd

Winter chalet (1)

Winner of “Golden Hour” Photo Contest

“Sunset on the lake” by Massimiliano Scaraglino

Sunset on lake

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