January 20, 2016 14:56


appdownload2015 has been an amazing year at CoinaPhoto! Here’s just a cool few numbers to wrap up the previous year:


  • 23,000+ photos uploaded into our Market
  • $14,000 in cash prizes rewarded in our photo contests
  • 6,000 new users in our CoinaPhoto community


We look forward to an even more exciting year ahead in 2016. As homage, we take a look back at 2015′s best photos.




Who doesn’t love adorable baby pictures?

My daughter-2

My Daughter by Yana Levina



227 likes. That’s a lot of respect!

Trying to survive

Trying to Survive by Ed Nofri



A look back at some of our favorites.


Colours of Life by Sudipto Das

Festivals photo contest grand prize winner

This picture really captures the spirit of Holi festival- crowded, colorful (but not too many colors) which makes this picture very beautiful. The lighting is beautiful and the composition is spot on.


Gentala Bridge Arasi by Sudirmanto Muchtar

Structures photo contest 1st runner up

The aspect that particularly wowed the judging was how Sudirmanto used the lighting to capture such a beautiful photo.


Symbol of Hinduism by Anurag Kumar

Faces photo contest grand prize winner

Anurag has been commended all around the world for his work, so it is no surprise he is the winner of our judge’s choice award. The HIPA Award winner’s shot really caught the eye of the judges, with the intense gaze of the subject clashing beautifully with deep orange and yellows that almost wrestle for your attention.


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*Featured image by Hiep Nguyen. 2nd most downloaded photo.



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