April 05, 2019 16:57
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He enjoys photographing landscapes and existing places in nature. At the same time, he finds photographing small things in life healing and therapeutic.

His winning photography “Tbilisi” from our “Great Outdoors” photo contest left us all stunned. He perfectly caught the synergy of two realities that surround us and showed how the man can be above them.

Nodar’s photos intrigued us to discover more about his work, passions in photography and how we have found this mesmerizing place in Tbilisi.

COINAPHOTO:  When did you first develop an interest in photography?

Nodar: I always have been interested in photography, but I got my first camera after I finished high school. It was a simple 35 mm Kodak.


COINAPHOTO: How does photography impact your life?

Nodar: Photography is a big part of my life. I take my camera with me everywhere I go. I take pictures almost every day and I enjoy every minute of it.

COINAPHOTO: Your photo ‘Tbilisi’ won our photo contest. We love it! Can you tell us a bit about the shot?

Nodar: Photo (Tbilisi) was taking in Tbilisi, Georgia. I’ve been visiting my friend who lives 10 minutes from the place where this photo was taken. I always loved the view from this cliff, especially during the twilight. You can see the whole city from there. I used my tripod and remote control to capture this photo. I was a little nervous and very excited to sit on the edge of that cliff. It was a great day :).

COINAPHOTO: You love capturing natural landscapes. Do you have any words of wisdom for


Nodar: When you see a beautiful landscape, take your time and enjoy the beauty of nature. Think about what would you like to capture and what’s the best way to transfer your vision to a photograph.

If you have time try to take photos of the same scene at different times of the day. You would be surprised how different it will look.

Happy  child

COINAPHOTO:  Is there anything else you enjoy photographing?

Nodar: I also like shooting life as such. I enjoy the whole process. I can spend hours shooting simple things, like a sandwich or a little toy car. It’s very relaxing and therapeutic for me.

COINAPHOTO:  What elements of photography do you think are the most important?

Nodar: Light, color and composition. Those elements are the most important things in making a good photograph. I’m always trying to pay attention to those things before taking a photo.

COINAPHOTO: How do you find our CoinaPhoto platform?

Nodar:  think Coinaphoto is a great platform. I love the app, you can always find so many interesting things there. Lots of great people, great photographers, the blog is always very interesting, the fun challenges, photo duels, and more. One of my favorite apps. Thank you so much guys for all the great work that you do.

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jewels abood
April 8, 2019 13:25
he is a great photographer and I’m a big fan

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