May 31, 2019 18:07

If you want to leave a strong impression with your photography, you need to get out of your eye-level rut. Why? Sometimes, in photography, it’s all about perspective.

You need to be ready for a different type of exercising, bending, turning, walking, and climbing.  With perspective in mind, while photographing, the outcome will definitely astonish your audience.

To spark your imagination, we have selected photographs that show all the greatness of the right perspective.

“Perspective” by Norman Ros


“Perspective” by Anže Ivanuš


“Under the pier” by Matteo Viviani


“Sporting activity on Dollymount beach” by John Carroll


“Frog perspective” by Bram Laenen

frog perspective of an old trainstation

“The path” by Anirban

The Path

“Perspective” by Shuvankar Karmakar



“Perspective” by Vladimir Jerotic


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