February 22, 2019 18:39

Sky can be clear blue, cloudy, grey, even dark and scary, but it is indisputable that all its colors can take a breath away. Our gallery treasure an amazing palette of sky colors that can fill you up with joy and provoke your deepest admiration to this powerful nature making. Enjoy in these vivid appearances of the sky we chose for this week.

“Sunset in Naples” By Alessia Piscopo

Sunset in Naples

“Lake, long corridors, beautiful sky” by By Waraphot Wapakphet

Lake, long corridors, beautiful sky

“Sunrise” By Jose Ramon Bañon Juan

Sunrise in my city


“Up in Langjokull glacier, Iceland” by David Holderbach


“Grazing in the sun” by Néstor Martínez Nieva

Grazing in the sun

“Purple palette” by Dharitri Walia


“Blue” by Peggy Sue Zinn

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