March 08, 2019 15:23

You have probably heard a saying – a picture is worth a thousand words. It’s an old saying, but rather fitting for this occasion and our weekly blog post.

As today we celebrate the International Women’s Day all around the world to mark achievements and accomplishments of many brave and passionate women and their ongoing fight for equity, it’s only natural that we share women’s stories and lives through photography.

We selected some of the amazing women portraits from our Coinaphoto community to shed some light on women’s inner beauty and the stories behind that only photography can evoke.


Freckles by Macarena de Noia

Women portraits - Freckles by Macarena de Noia Coinaphoto

Bajau Women by Jay Irgie Kendari

Women portraits Bajau Women by Jay Ingrieart Kendari

 Eyes, contain the color of sorrow by Enamul Hasan

Women portraits Eyes, contain the color of sorrow by Enamul Hasan Coinaphoto

My granny by Matteo Rea

Women portraits  My granny by Matteo Rea Coinaphoto

 Power by Laura Bland

Women portraits Power by Laura Bland Coinaphoto

 Nicky by Ioan Pan

Women portraits Nicky by Ioan Pan Coinaphoto

Express by Ankita Dahake 

Women portraits Express by Ankita Dahake Coinaphoto


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