March 01, 2019 18:52

Did you know that according to scientific research, pink shades don’t exist in nature?

The pink color is still a scientific enigma and its shades are the product of many color theories. Many of them say that the answer lies in our eyes and how we see colors.

Some even say that specific combinations of colors in nature (blue and purple) create these rare pink shades that last just for a glance of the moment.

Either way, the pink color is still splendid and can be brilliantly caught with lenses.

Take a moment and enjoy in these captivating and unordinary pink shades in nature.

“By the Corner” by Maras Wayan

By the Corner

“Twilight pier” by Matteo Viviani


“Hallgrímskirkja” by David Holderbach

rsz_hallgrímskirkja“Papuma Beach” by Dodid Widiyanto

Papuma Beach

“The one and only” by Nicolau Alexandra

The one and only

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