February 08, 2019 20:20

Love is in the air!


With Valentines coming soon, this might be a perfect moment to remind ourselves that sometimes love is all we need.

There are different types of love, and sometimes a kind word, hug or any other small gesture can make the other person’s day.

So, don’t waste any moment further, love and be loved.

Let’s see how pure moments of love can be presented through different lenses.


Lay on my shoulder by Anna Avdeeva

Look over the shoulder


A special kind of love by Valeria Blanc

niña y su caballo

Always have a good friend by your side by Chaithanya

Friends forever who stand with you during hard times.

Love without second thoughts by Michelle McCleary

Puppy Cuddle

Love under the umbrella by Aleksandr Sumarokov

lovers under at colorful umbrella in the rain at night.


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