July 16, 2017 14:38

With its immense variety of outstanding spots Ireland is the ideal destination for traveling photographers. Whether it is hiking Ireland’s tallest peak Carrauntoohil, standing on top of the Cliffs of Moher, or wandering the vibrant and artistic streets of Dublin, the Emerald Island has it all.

We’ve curated five of our top photographers that depict Ireland like you have never seen before.

1. Kutu Foto


New Adventure

Faiz Rabi aka Kutu Foto has been sharing his work on CoinaPhoto for a year now. He is one of our trusted Irish landscape photography veterans and has won various photo challenges.

His landscape photos often reflect the union of natural elements such as the land and the sea and a sense of harmony between the human subject and the nature. He regularly takes us to the most peaceful and quiet spots of Ireland where he likes to enjoy the view from up high.

Among his many photography talents, Kutu Foto also enjoys shooting the symmetric lines of the industrial Dublin.

Get to know more about Kutu Foto’s photography style in video here.

Visit his CoinaPhoto portfolio here.


2. Manon Gustave

The Scream

Manon is one of the most versatile photographers on the platform. She masters landscape, portrait and collage photography.

Her portrait photography skills are particularly distinct as she uses unique props, make up, and lighting giving her shot a lot of strength.

Manon’s overall work has many subtle details referring to the Irish culture making her work unique. For example, she likes to juxtapose background shots of Dublin behind the main foreground image like a tribute to Ireland somehow.

Visit Manon’s CoinaPhoto portfolio here!


3. Arthur Fil 


Ever wondered what the streets of Ireland looked like?

With exceptional street photography skills, Arthur captures the uniqueness of Dublin and beyond. From colorful street graffiti to water canals, railways and tall modern buildings, his photography witnesses the architectural evolution of Ireland’s cities.

Colours play a big part in Arthur’s street style photography as the red brick walls of the old industrial buildings now meet the tall tinted glass window skyscrapers.

Visit Arthur’s CoinaPhoto portfolio here.


4. Pawel Zigmunt


Pawel shots almost everything with perfection. From landscape to cityscape, and aerial photography, he always manages to get the most breathtaking images.

The reason being is that Pawel edits his photos in a way which makes the colours pop and the small details noticeable without drifting away from the reality.

Visit Pawel’s CoinaPhoto portfolio here and let us know.


5. Martin Jakubik

Where the sun goes to sleep

Martin is another of our great Irish landscape photographers.

Yet his style is unique as he captures the beauty of nature in its raw form. When you look at his photos it is as if there has never been any human footprints. His photos are a great source of inspiration and a garden of peacefulness.

Visit Martin’s CoinaPhoto portfolio here.

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Arthur Fil
July 17, 2017 20:20
thank you for featuring me in your article I really appreciate that.
Kutu foto
July 26, 2017 15:49
Thanks guys, really appreciate it and I’m honoured with this article

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