November 02, 2018 15:08
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Colour is all around us, but what impact does it have on our emotions and behaviours varies from person to person.

Our ‘Colours’ photo contest is attracting many professional and amateurs photographers who want to share with us how they see the world in colours.

We share with you 5 of our favorites so far.

And don’t forget, the contest ends on the 8th of November, so there is still time to submit your entries.

Light waves by Konrad Hryciuk

Konrad Hryciuk CoinaPhoto

Colorful champagne glasses stack on the party bar counter by Manee S

Manee S Coinaphoto Colours Contest

Colors bt Nodar Chernishev

Nodar Chernishev Coinaphoto Contest

Colorful hands, Holi festival by Surajit Das

Surajit Das Coianphoto Contest

Golden fish by Mihaela Vâlceanu

Mihaela Vllceanu Coinaphoto Contest


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Mihaela Vâlceanu
November 2, 2018 21:23
Thank you! <3

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